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Yoga and Wellness ( from Physical fitness to Mental Well being) has changed my life for the better. I get very passionate when it comes to sharing all the beneficial things I learn in my life and my mind is always coming up with ideas on how to best execute them.

I was introduced to Essential Oils many years ago but with so much information out there and so little time, I always left it at the back burner.

It was not until my second pregnancy, last year that I really got into Essential oils but it was not a smooth love at first sight. It was after the rough first trimester, I dabbed into them thanks to a friend, only to find Relief and Comfort. I started seeking benefits straight away, for all sorts of Aches and Pains of Growing Belly to Digestion, Good sleep,Glowing Skin etc .

The curiosity of these Magic Potions led me to Dive Deeper and study about them. The Art and Science of Blending really Empowered me, the biochemistry of  the  Essential oils, the Emotions they yield and their working on Cellular levels of our body, absolutely Awe inspiring & life changing.

Then came the beginning of my yoga teaching career and I started using the blends in my yoga classes. I loved seeing my yogi students leave the studio even more Relaxed and Energised and to take that serenity off the mat. They all felt the difference through the use of essential oils with yoga practice and this motivated me to create my first range of ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS INSPIRED BY YOGA POSES.

Once we Welcomed our baby, my love for these oils grew even more as our transition into second time parenthood was smoother than we had ever thought. Happy baby, Great sleep, Easy Digestion and Easy breathing (to name a few). This  took my enthusiasm for sharing about these oils to another level, I wanted to share my blends and the experience of using them on myself and my family on daily basis.

Countless hours of hard work, Research and Course study has been put in, to come up with these blends. Being very realistic, Certified Pure Therapeutic Essential oils come with a hefty price tag (which obviously speaks for it self). And my passion to do all the hard work to create blends is to make it accessible for everyone, so that without having to buy so many different bottles you can still get to experience the magical benefits of these essential oils through the blends.

Each Blend is created with love and positive vibes in a small batch using only Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. I am so happy to see that you have taken some time to read our story and visit our store. Hoping the magic of these oils makes your Daily Details more Calm, Fulfilling and Empowering. 

Thank you so much. Please do connect with us on social media @yourdailydetails. Would love to hear from you xx